CronJ invests in the UAE to serve GCC regional markets


AI-based security project completed for Saudi Arabia

Bangalore-based CronJ, a next-generation global technology firm, has invested in the UAE to cater Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative of the GCC regional markets, especially UAE strategy for AI, a major initiative in the UAE Centennial 2071 objectives and Saudi Arabia’s AI strategy.

Sharing the UAE investment strategy, CronJ CEO Monu Kumar said his company has recently completed an AI-based Security Project for Saudi Arabia Coast Guard.

The coast guard was looking for advanced automatic cognitive decision-making solutions for any kind of threat or intrusion in the sea 24×7 through multiple media like email, WhatsApp message and hooter/buzzer.

He elaborated, “The real challenge while working on the project was to understand the ocean waves’ behavior with respect to the full moon, day-night and season.

“The team has done a Meteorological study of ocean historic data for the last 20 years. Then we have done the ocean behavioral modeling mapped with our machine learning model. It was one of the unique intrusion use cases where the environment was changing with respect to time.”

Further, CronJ is working for leading enterprises across various verticals by offering services and products, including, IT solutions, ML services, and IP products built around Digital, IoT, data science, Cybersecurity, Analytics, and Data Services, amongst others, to improve startups reimagining their industries for the digital era.

CronJ, he said, has gained the trust of government bodies and fortune 500 companies, including Nokia Networks, Linde, Unilever, Verizon among others. #technologies #AI #IoT #investments /


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