Perpetuuiti secures follow on funding for expansion


Intel Capital confident of IT process

Perpetuuiti Technosoft PTE, the market leader in Intelligent Enterprise Automation and Organizational Resiliency Management, has secured follow on funding from an existing lead investor, Intel Capital, to accelerate product development.

“The funding will be used to expand efforts to accelerate product development of Autonomous RPA, which will help reduce the Implementation timeframes from Months and weeks to days,” said Perpetuuiti on 11 August 2020.

The additional capital will help Perpetuuiti accelerate its vision to empower customers to intelligently automate end-to-end business and IT processes – bridging the gap between the front and back office with an AI-powered intelligent enterprise automation platform.

The capital will advance the company’s focus on improving human-to-bot collaboration through attended automation, resulting in enhanced customer experiences and increased employee productivity.

The intelligent enterprise automation platform from Perpetuuiti uniquely enables organization-wide resiliency through digital transformation and cognitive automation, helping enterprises of all sizes to automate their business and IT processes swiftly, seamlessly and non-intrusively.

“Never before has there been such a transformative shift in the way we work, with AI-enabled software bots changing how people, processes and technology interact for productivity gains,” said Sundar Raman, CTO and co-founder, Perpetuuiti.

“In this environment, our Digital Workforce is arguably more important than ever in driving organizational adaptation and resilience, and our role as a strategic technology partner to our customers in many ways becomes more emphasized,” Raman said.

“This new capital will help us launch our Autonomous RPA platform faster and will position us as a strong partner to our enterprise customers,” he informed.

With autonomous RPA, the implementation timelines and cost will be reduced by about 90 percent, and with our efficient deep-learning bots, the Process Identification and Automation can be achieved very quickly, he said.

Founded in 2011, Perpetuuiti helps organizations adapt to the evolving world around them through their innovative Products. Continuity Patrol™ for Disaster Recovery Automation, Av3ar™ – AI OPS and Autonomous RPA Platform built around Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing (CC), Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision to enable Intelligent Automation solutions for Enterprises.

The Perpetuuiti Platform provides solutions that are simplistic, non-intrusive and scalable for digital enterprises of all sizes. Our products are modular and can be integrated with one another enabling SEAMLESS and INTELLIGENT operations.


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